Tiny Tales Thursday...

Did you miss me? I'm sure all 40 of you that read my blog did! :)

We have been super busy this week = complete update from our M-F coming tomorrow!!

Not too many tales this week... Radley says so much cute stuff that I just can't remember it all! This week the "tale" is less about what he said and more about what he did. He is all boy for sure.

Sunday night I was feeding Emmy and Radley was watching a "movie"/whatever is on tv and I notice he is doing something. I ask what he's doing and he lets me know that he's "picking my toes, Mommy." As all good mommy's do I quickly tell him not to do that because he is going to make himself bleed. As all good little boys do he doesn't listen, makes himself bleed and complains.

We doctor it up put some band aids on (see previous post) and all is better. I tell him that he has to keep his toe really clean or it will become infected. "Defected, Mommy?" Yes, buddy... and then you'll have to go see Dr. Henderson.

Cut to three days later...

... super gross, huh?!? I had the privilege of... ehmmm... cleaning it out. A good dose of antibiotics should clear up the rest of it.

i love little boys, don't you?

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