Tiny Tales Thursday

By now you've figured out that Radley says some funny things. Part of what makes it so funny is his facial expressions, mannerisms, etc... He is just a very animated kiddo and I hope that continues. I've really been slacking with writing down his tiny tales as they happen, so I only have one for you this week...

Monday I picked Radley up from school and his teacher, Megan, informed me that one of his girlfriends gave him a kiss at school. I asked him where she kissed him and he pointed to his cheek. I then asked him what he did and he looked at me like, "ummm, what do you think I did?" and replied... "Kissed her back, Mommy".

This post is a tad short, so I'll leave you with some cute pics...

Me and my girl

Rad and Caro watching Toy Story

Rad and Emmy

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