Tiny Tales Thursday

This tale takes us around the neighborhood.

We all went for a walk last night to get some fresh air, exercise and because Radley just loves his wagon.

He also loves it when "mommy goes faster" and bumps his wagon with "baby sister".

Emersyn is indifferent ;)

We got about three quarters around when Radley decided he wanted to walk with us. Ryan and I told him no that he needed to stay in the wagon. Well, like any good almost 3 year old, Radley quickly asks "why?"

Ryan told him that he because Mommy was pushing the stroller and that Daddy couldn't because he was using his hands to pull the wagon. Radley needed to hold one of our hands.

To which Radley replied, "Only your right hand, Daddy...not that one."

And sure enough, Ryan was only using his right hand to pull the wagon. How do you respond to that? The kid had a point.

He got to walk the rest of the way.

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