Tiny Tales Thursday

We've had some funny tales this week....

1. Radley has pretty much mastered the potty. When he's gotta go, he simply does his business and gets on with playing/eating/watching Mickey Mouse, etc... Well, the other day he had to poop so he ran to the potty, dropped his drawers, and hopped onto the potty. I had followed him in to assist if needed when he looks at me and says, "turn on the fan, Mommy, it's gonna be stinky." He then made me leave the room so he could finish alone. HA!

2. Last weekend was our first endeavor to church since Emmy arrived. We told Radley that we were taking her to church and he was going to have to teach her how to be quiet and listen. He thought about this for a minute and then said, "That's okay, Mommy, I take her to church because I'm the big brother. You and Daddy stay here." Ryan asked him who was going to drive and he replied, "Me."

As you know, Radley is currently with GiGi and Pops (update on his stay complete with pictures coming tomorrow) so today's tale comes from Aunt Jenni.

3. Jenni was picking Karli up from GiGi's house so Karli was giving everyone kisses goodbye. She apparently forgot to kiss Radley which made him a little sad as he let everyone know that he didn't get any kisses. Jenni told him she would give him kisses and he said, "I want Karli to give me kisses." So Jenni told him to give Karli kisses bye and he said, "NO...I want Karli to give ME kisses." Well...well... HA!!

And because no post is complete without a picture...

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