Never enough time...

We had a big giant treat with a  weeklong visit from this darling face! (And his Momma and Daddy too). They arrived last Saturday and like all good Italian families, we immediately met for dinner. 

Landry was not angry about that decision.

We spent time catching up, swapping stories and stuffing our faces before heading home to do more of the same. 

Now this is where it gets crazy. Everyone but Ryan, the girls and me were heading to NOLA for the week, I was going to DC and Ryan was hunkering down for a week-long daddy/daughter date, but before any of that could happen, these two had to get every.single.bit. of their classwork and homework done that they were missing. 


The girls were 100% okay with getting all the attention from Pops.

On Monday morning we all went our crazy ways. Rad had a FABULOUS time discovering one of the greatest cities around, I loved my time in Capitol City and Ryan and the girls lived large and ate PB&Js every night. We all made it back to CS and enjoyed another amazing dinner out together. 

Seriously. Favorite place, favorite dinner, favorite people. 

We managed to roll out of bed in time to make it to back to back soccer games the next day and Sonya and Owen were able to come cheer/coach. Ryan loved having Owen on the sideline - he kept the team's spirits high as they went on to a 7-0 victory.

(Yes we keep score).

 Then we made it across the complex for Emmy's game. 

And y'all. She is TOUGH. Check out how she's positioning for that ball...

And TOTALLY gets in front of that kid. 

#likeagirl #shegetsitfromme

Hey Coach G - make room for one more. Class of '32.

And after the victory line we had one more group picture before heading back to the house. 

And like all their visits, it was much too short. There's never enough time and I can't beg them anymore to just move here. 

Love y'all so much and see you SOON!

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