Besties and Birthdays...

The Kings got celebrate Millicent Claire this weekend and had the BEST time! I grabbed the bigs early and then headed to pick up Landry and Millicent before heading to our first stop at the Pumpkin Patch where the brick road is actually orange. ;)

They had great time walking around, acting silly and posing for pics. Well, most of them any way... Emmy had just fallen down and was clearly injured in the process. I think she got a scrape on her knee the size of a pin needle. She wasn't up for a photo op.

And then 3 seconds later all was well. Mills is 15 months younger than Emersyn and 1 inch taller. 

They insisted I take a picture too. I love how the blur makes me look thinner. ;)

One more smile and then they were off to pick their pumpkins...

So we could go home and paint them...

I mean, I can't even handle the happy.

After they finished their master pieces, scrubbed clean in the world's biggest bubble bath and put on their princess best the birthday girl picked Chic Fil A followed by a trip to Target for her fancy night out. 


Saturday morning we got birthday donuts and braved the rain to go volunteer with UPS at Scotty's House. Our job was to make all the center pieces for their upcoming Character Breakfast, their largest fundraiser of the year. It's going to be a fantastic event - we got a sneak peak at the costumes and they are amazing!! The kids are going to have so much fun and Scotty's House is a great advocacy center for children in the Brazos Valley.

And I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning than with my kids, doing something to that will ultimately help other kids. 

They did such a great job designing their own little center pieces...

going from table to table...

step by step...

and so proud of their final products!

And I was so proud of them! 

(And that cute guy in the middle that organized this whole day.) 

Happiest birthday to you, Millie! We had the best time celebrating you and we love you so much!


  1. Millie speaks my love language too - CFA and Target (and fabulous taste in friends!). I love that you guys love so well!

    1. And don't forget her love of service! :)