Halloween of Past....

I'm so excited about today because it is our first ever BLOG HOP with BCS Bloggers! We are taking you down a stroll through memory lane and you don't want to miss!

Confession: I am not a big Halloween fan.

I know, I know.

How can this be? I am an "all in" kind of girl.

But somethings got to give, and for me, it's Halloween. I just don't like to put lots of energy into costumes. I'm on the "let's make everything as simple as possible so avoid anything marked "easy DIY costumes" on Pinterest train" because #liars.

But, the kiddos love Halloween and because I love them, I'm all about making it fun! Here is a skip down memory lane at some of our past Halloweens!

I don't have pics from the first two years of Radley - well, I do, but they are on a different computer and I'm lazy. He was 6 weeks old the first Halloween and I was SUPER creative and bought a pea onesie and carried him around. The second Halloween we paired with our friends and went as Wizard of Oz - Radley was a scarecrow, Ryan was the Yellow Brick Road and I was the Wicked Witch.


We found adorable pirate costumes for Radley and his friend, Kayla. This was the first year that they got really into trick or treating and it was so much fun! They even had their very own pirate ship!


This may be my favorite year to date. It was Emersyn's first Halloween and Radley was REALLY into being a "PUS" Man (he got the letters mixed up) like his Daddy. And his Daddy was really excited about that. We bought that UPS truck for his first birthday and it was the perfect prop for the most adorable UPS Man and his Special Delivery ever. 


We had two walkers and Radley had said he wanted to be a super-hero. I decided that I could in fact make capes for everyone so I gathered the supplies, got lots of wonder under and hot glue and went to work. We STILL have these capes and have since made one more for Landry.

Everyone got to pick out their cape color (yes, Radley's favorite color is brown, see 2010) and we basically let the kids design the rest of their costume.

We had a "super" time trick or treating!


The year of Star Wars. The oldest kiddos in our gang were really into Star Wars so we made it a family affair. 

And I do mean, a family affair! Yoda is wondering what was making that Ewok so sad/angry. ;)


 Emersyn REALLY wanted to be Tiana, her favorite princess, and Radley REALLY wanted to be a pirate again. (In fact, that's the EXACT outfit that he wore in 2009. Y'all.) I was a little crushed that weren't "theme-y" so I wore a Mickey Mouse shirt, through my hair in piggies and decided I was a kid at a Disney parade and they were all the characters. (Radley was Captain Jack Sparrow - Ha!)

And this is my favorite Halloween picture of all time.


For about two months Emersyn has insisted on bring Ms. Hannigan from Annie. Radley has insisted on being Peter Pan. I came to terms with not having a theme. It was a struggle.

(and the struggle was real).

But then... oh THEN... dear readers... they changed their minds and decided that they wanted to go dressed as Wild Kratts. It was the sweetest conversation, really, as they sat and watched the show and they got so excited and so proud of themselves. I really would have been fine with an uncoordinated theme, but not gonna lie... I was thrilled we could dress up as a family. 

Behold... the Wild Kratts.... 

What do you think? Pretty good, eh?

Landry got to pick the animal she wanted us to be for them to discover and she really wanted to be a butterfly. They also discovered a ferocious, rare white rabbit-cat named Merv. 

So there you have it! Halloween of Past!

Next up on the BLOG HOP is my sweet friend, Holly! You don't want to miss all the adorable costumes of her kiddos over the years. There may or may not be an octopus involved. Make sure to follow the loop all the way so you can read all the other bloggers linking up! Lots of fun ideas in case you haven't made up your mind for this year!


  1. The UPS worker and the package has got to be the most creative thing I have ever seen! That is so creative. Is that the stroller they are riding? Such an awesome idea.
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

    1. Thanks so much! We may have to recreate it one year! It's an actual UPS truck that you can only get working at the company. The kids can pedal it and steer but it weighs like 1000 pounds so it's not very practical! HA!

  2. Oh my goodness....the UPS year..love it!

    1. It's my favorite - not only because it was cute, but because it was SO EASY!

  3. Love the UPS costumes!! My son has that as a dress up. Adorable! Yay for another Emersyn, though we spell is "son." Wild Kratts is an awesome idea!! I love that you and your husband dress up too! My hubby has to this year for a costume party we are all going to. Yes!! :)

    1. As much as I dread Halloween, it does end up being tons of fun for everyone! We are pretty excited about this year, too! So glad I found you on the link-up, I'll be following along!

  4. Adorable! I'm so impressed with all the themes. My kids never agree to it!

    1. We are always touch and go - the oldest is starting to think it's not that fun to match his sisters anymore. They clearly want to do whatever he is doing! Ha! Thanks for stopping by!