Tiny Tales Thursday...

My dad had neck surgery this week - he did remarkably well and is recovering under the attention of the best-cargiver around, my momma. Naturally, the kids had a ton of questions/reactions through it all that we need to remember.

First up, the littlest...

Landry: Pops going to the doctor?
Me: Yep... to feel better!
Landry:  Is Gigi going to help him?
Me: Yes, she will take care of him.
Landry: Will it hurt?
Me: Yes, for a little while, but then he will be better and do all the things he wants.
Landry: Ok. Maybe Gigi can give him gum.

And then the middlest...

Emmy: So what are they going to DO to Pops?
Me: brief, age appropriate explanation
Emmy: They're going to CUT OFF his neck?
Me: No.
Emmy: Well is he going to bleed a lot?!?!
Me: Not really.
Emmy: So... what happens when you have a baby? Do you bleed a lot then?
Me: awkward pause Well.... kind of.
Emmy: Ew.

And the biggest...

Me: Y'all wanna see Pops' incision?
Kids: YES!
Me: Ok, but it's kind of gross.
Kids: It's ok...
Me: showing them a picture
Rad: Oh, cool! It looks like a ZIPPER!

Kids. So much less affected than us grown-ups.


  1. Replies
    1. I was actually speechless for at least a good 7 seconds. I mean, what is the answer to that?!

  2. Tiny Tales Thursday - the best part of my Thursday! Your kids are precious!