Tiny Tales Thursday...

When I think about how quickly these kiddos grow up, I get kind of sad. There's so much I'll miss when they get big - like how perfectly Landry fits in my lap, or how much Emersyn still likes to be held, or even how Radley still lets me hold his hand (and lots of times still grabs for mine). And as much as I want them to stay little, I'm excited that they get the chance to grow. BUT  I do wish one thing - I would just love to bottle up their voices forever and ever.

(And yes, I realize that I can record them, but it's not the same.)

Some things I never want to forget...

chicken = kitchen
kitchen = chicken
I wuv you
I wuv you mowa
I wuv you the most
I wuv you mowa than the most
I wuv you 5
basically that her Ls still = Ws so she says her name is Wandry - it's perfect
We NEVER do that. (Meaning, we haven't done something since yesterday or 5 minutes ago)

patterin (pattern)
forEEgot (forgot)
regrage (garage)

He basically speaks like a regular grown up. And in two languages, so he's more advanced than me. But I'll never forget how he said "lellow" or "hold you" (when he wanted to be held - actually they all 3 did).

And I will. I will "hold you" forever and ever.


  1. For real...I wish I had been blogging when all my kids were little and still saying all these cute things. Dillon always placed a T in from of A words so he was always saying Tacademy...and Carly always said pasghetti but I totally don't remember all of them and that sucks.

    1. Yes, but what you do remember matters and more importantly what THEY remember matters the most! :)

  2. You'll really be glad you wrote this down! These are the things that we think we'll remember but sadly, time has a way of erasing these memories. Colby use to say "A&M" when ending prayers because he thought that's what we were saying when we said "amen". :)

    1. That's adorable! He's clearly destined to be an Aggie! :)