Another post that I started an never finished. #samestorydifferentday

Here's a glimpse at us through my phone... 

One of her favorite times of the week is after we drop the bigs off at Sunday school. She gets me and Ryan all to herself for an hour. And she loves it. And you know what? We do, too. 

They wanted spooky. I think it works. 

We certainly had a faBOOlous time at Room on the Broom at OPAS!

"Coffee, coffee, coffee is a saying, like an exaggeration. It's a funny, desperate cry for caffeine. It's just my thing cause everybody knows I drink a lot of coffee, so the day can't start until I've had my morning jolt. It's a bit, my bit."#lifeaccordingtoLorelai

ps. My former student turned lifelong friend was in town for like A DAY and made sure to bring this by my house because 1. She's amazing and 2. is the reason I am obsessed with GG.

And this, dear friends, is called dinner. "Let's put everything on the table and eat. Everything goes."

The temps dropped below 70 for like a split second. I pretended it was fall and loved it. 

This is our "we got a flu shot so lets go get ice cream" face. 

Y'all. We live in THE FUTURE. This had to happen. 

Side note: this movie is A LOT more "adult" than I remembered. Within the first 25 minutes they said sh**, GD, JC, SOB, and bastard like 4 times each. 


Soccer practice snuggles with this one. 

While this one rocks her skirt on the field. 

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."
Anaïs Nin

My heart needs more time alone with friends and Holly has become such a dear friend in such a short amount of time. Not sure what took us so long to meet but so glad we have forever to make up for it!

And that's us in an instant!


  1. Seriously....I didn't see half of these on insta...I've gotta get better at checking your direct feed. :)