Pawsitively Purrrrfect...

We had an absolute blast celebrating our current favorite female four-year-old! :) Millicent had a party at the park and it was all about those cats that these two love so much! (Probably not as much as they love each other!) 

Cindy (once again) set up the cutest themed party! (And I stink as a blogger and didn't take any pictures). Instead of gifts, guests were asked to bring snacks and treats for kittens at the local animal shelter and then all the kiddos got to adopt (stuffed animal) kittens as their favor. Hugs all around!

Now. It would not be a Munson party without some race. All of the kids lined up for the relay and I'm pretty sure Emersyn is talking smack in this picture. 

And they were OFF!

Caroline was helping all the little kids and giving them a tiny extra push to get going. Landry wasn't ready and fell down and clearly thought the world ended. It was seriously hilarious and also a sneaky way to get me to run the race.  

And since Ryan was in charge of pictures... that's all we got! HA!!

Happy birthday, Mills! We love you BIG!

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  1. LOVE it!!! The birthday girl, the party, and the donations to the shelter! I can't wait to see new pics of Pumpkin Patch!