Pumpkin carving success...

The scariest night of the year had finally arrived .... it was time to create ::dramatic pause:: 

This is how Radley felt about the pumpkin guts (or was he just being dramatic for the camera? You decide.).

This is how Emersyn actually felt about the pumpkin guts.

And Landry of course wanted to taste it. Ew.

I love how no matter what we are doing, they have to right next to each other. 

And then Ryan forced me to dig in there so I put on a good show for the kiddos - please note the girls' faces. 

Radley selected the face and the girls agreed so away Ryan went!
(Did you catch that? The girls AGREED. Like right away. It was weird.)

At some point Landry got mad about something - I think she was complaining that she couldn't see the pumpkin that was 6 inches in front of her face. So she ran off crying and I did what any good momma would do about it - took pictures to remember this moment forever. 

She then hid in the closet. 

And five minutes later was all smiles. 


After all the turn taking, patience giving and paper patter mutilating, I must admit - it turned out pretty good!

And we have never felt more safe than with this monster keeping watch at the door. 
(That was Landry's scared face). 

Another successful project with We5Kings...

And Herman.

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