Royal Recommendations: The perfect poncho

It's time y'all. I am so excited to present one more round of my royal recommendations. While I am sure you don't need reminding - I feel for the integrity of all the amazing fashion bloggers out there - I must repeat myself. I am not a fashion blogger. This is evident by the fact that...

1. I can't take a selfie to save my soul
2. I ran and hid every time a car passed by because I didn't want them to see Ryan taking my picture
3. Picture quality
4. I am unable to not smile at the camera. 

Ok, now that's out of the way, let's proceed. 


I didn't think it was possible to be so excited about one item of clothing, but I am. Simply because you can wear this one item FOUR ways. WHAT? That's crazy. But it's true. And, it was an "accidental" purchase, meaning it just ACCIDENTALLY fell into my {mom's} shopping cart at Target. 

Destiny works in mysterious ways. 

Look one: Traditional poncho

I fell hard for gray, black and brown and I love the way this was easy to throw on to add something fun to my look. It was bit chilly Sunday morning (seriously like 65 degrees) so this kept me warm without need a jacket. But when it got a little warmer, I tried... 

Look two: Scarf

 I just rolled it up and let it drape over my shoulders. Perfect for when the Texas fall mornings become a Texas fall afternoon. 

But, then I got crazy y'all. And I thought, "I bet this would work as..."

Look three: Blanket Scarf

It's so big that I could easily wrap it to a loose blanket scarf for when it gets cooler and you need a jacket. And then I just went ham... 

Look four: Wrap/scarf/not quite sure what

I slid one arm through the poncho then wrapped the other around my opposite shoulder. The look is still growing on me, but I kind of like. What do you think?

Mossimo Poncho at Target comes in black, gray and red (which I may actually NEED). 

Do you have any items that you wear several ways? I love that - it's like your saving money! 

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  1. You nailed black, brown & grey!! I love this poncho and everything you did with it. And thanks for the shout out. :)

    1. I learn from the best! I need to find a better place for pics at my house... to many trees so there's not a lot of solid shade space!

  2. Haha...it fell in the basket so "no one else can take it ...just in case I change my mind!" Shopping with you is never dull. :-)

  3. First - you TOTALLY could be a fashion blogger! You always look great! And, great styling! But, I must know more about that fabulous bag you are carrying!!!

    1. It's Fossil - my brother bought it for me one Christmas! I need to take it in to get refurbished but I LOVE it. :)