You remember how "The Nothing" was destroying all of Fantasia?  The act of nothing was eating away an entire world but sometimes I think that "nothingness" is what rejuvenates us, too. Having "nothing" to do and all the time in the world to do it.  

We had a remarkably low-key weekend and as the sun was setting on Sunday and we all ventured outside, I just sat and tried to breathe it all in. Dinner was on the stove, warm biscuits were in the oven, and I was on my back porch surrounded by my 4 loves. Conversation drifted from Halloween to soccer to dance clothes and  I just wanted to bottle it up and keep it that way forever. 

I never want to forget the way she holds a pencil insisting that's the only way she can do it. 

I want to remember how serious he takes everything. 

How careful he is with projects and how much time and effort he gives to every tiny detail.

I hope she's always so proud of herself and always confident in what she creates. 

I hope she always fills her blank pages with creativity and love and hard work. 

And I pray that we find more days filled with the nothingness that reminds me it's those moments that matter most. The unplanned memories that last a lifetime.


  1. I find with my bigs those "nothingness" times seem to be what they remember most. Not the times I spent lots of money on a vacation or activities but the times we were just together.

    1. At one point Emmy looked up and said, "Mommy... I just love our family." And then my heart exploded and melted all at once. Why do we try to so hard to make them happy when all we need to do is pay attention.

  2. I love this so much! I love when we are all home with nothing to do! Those times are absolutely the best!