Monster Bash...

It was time for the annual Halloween Party on campus which is really just one of my favorite nights. We've been going since Radley was SIX WEEKS OLD so it just holds a special place in my heart. Plus I advised the organization that hosts it and I've seen it go from a huge indoor invent, to moving locations while our MSC was renovated to moving back in and now it's outside! Whew - change is fun! 

These three were ready to show everyone what it's like to be an Aggie fan... you start out with Joy in your heart as you wave that 12th man towel and then sometimes you end up full of disgust. 

(Radley had a themed costume to match his sisters, but he didn't want to wear it on campus in front of the Aggies). ;)

We got all checked in and they just hit the ground running on fun!

I don't know why, but kids never fail to be entertained by fake fishing. They were so genuinely surprised and excited when they "caught" something. 

Then we ran into a few friends from WDS and it was a giggle filled mini reunion.

I was having so much fun watching them that I kept forgetting to take pictures. The highlight of the girls' night was dancing around to the silly music on stage with their daddy. Radley had found Cade by then and was running around like a big 8 year old kid. At one point, I looked up to spot him telling on the Hospitality members how to run the game. I'm not sure where he gets that from, but I like it. 

Happiest of hauntings to you!

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