All the Ponchos...

Hi. I'm Katy. And I need a poncho intervention.

It's true. I am obsessed with ponchos - they are functional. They are cute. They are FORGIVING (y'all leggings (aka stretchy pants) covered by a FLOWY poncho - this is the thing Thanksgiving dreams are made of!). They are cute.

Yeah - I'd say I love them. AND -  anytime I love something this much I feel like it's my duty to share this love with all of you. (technically the one on the far right isn't a poncho, but it's close).

Here are a few of my favorite finds...

1. The exact poncho I'm wearing in the first pic - Cowl Poncho from Cabi. Love it so much, super soft, keeps you warm but isn't so heavy that it's unbearable.

2&3. This is the Mara Reversible Ruana Wrap from Charming Charlie and I LOVE it. You can dress things up with the black or go for a more casual look with the gray. AND it's on sale for $25!

4. This is a Cabi LookAlike from Target. Currently on sale for $17.99 and comes in FOUR color options. #yesplease It doesn't have the detail on the front but it also doesn't have an extra "1" in it's price either. (Target is rocking the poncho game this year).

5. I adore this cable knit option from Old Navy and bonus that it's maroon. It's a little pricier at $45, but you're worth it. ;)

6. And finally one more from Old Navy that just so happens to coordinate with a poncho that I bought the girls...

I know. Seriously too cute for my brain to comprehend. And **bonus** they are easier to pull on and off than a coat or jacket. #parentingwin

There you have it - seriously buy one because they are cute. They are functional. They are fabulous. They are fun!!! 

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