At the ballet....

When I was little and watched A Chorus Line for the very first time, on the songs that stood out the most was "At the Ballet". The characters were referencing what going to the ballet had meant to them growing up especially if they had less than stellar memories from childhood. It didn't matter because "everything was beautiful at the ballet". 

Fast forward more years than I'll admit and we were taking these two on their first trip to the ballet. 

I curled their hair, brushed on the softest amount of blush and "wip gwoss" (also known as chapstick), put on these adorable dresses and they were ready!! (And they couldn't have been more excited!!)

And it's all thanks to Gigi of course!

One quick maroon carpet photo-op and we were off to our seats. 

And who did we see as soon as we walked in??


All the girls were giggling and of course they all wanted to sit together but the house was packed so we had to settle on separate arrangements. 

We had about 5 minutes before the show and they could not hold in their happy excitement. "What's going to happen? What will they wear? I want to dance! I'm a ballerina!" 

Emmy's night was made even more brilliant when she ran into Miss Kayla, her dance teacher from last year. I'm afraid us "accidentally" forgetting to sign-up for dance this year isn't gonna be able to happen again.

They did so great the entire show, sitting mostly in our laps but every now and then Landry had to get closer so she stood at the edge of our seats and the sweet two grandmas in front of us kept patting her head and pointing at the ballerinas. 

I loved it as much as them. I don't remember ever seeing the Nutcracker but it was just beautiful, made even more so when seeing it through their eyes. 

At the end of the show the main dancers waited around for pictures and my girls floated out of the auditorium. I'm thinking this is going to become a tradition!

And it's true - everything is beautiful at the ballet. 


  1. oh my goodness - the picture of her perched over the seats in front of you (and the sweet grandmothers made it even better!) - beautiful, absolutely beautiful!