Tiny Tales Thursday...

We were driving in the car yesterday and the topic of God came up between the kids. Specifically where God is... 

Emmy: God is in your heart
Radley: Actually God is sitting on top of you right now
Emmy: No he's not! He's in my heart!
Landry: God is at my SCHOOL!!
Radley: He's in your lap, in the sky, He's everywhere y'all.
Landry: On an airplane?
Radley: Yes!
Landry: WAAAYYYY up HIGH in da SKY?
Radley: Yes!
Emmy: AND He's in your HEART.
Radley: Yes, He's in your heart.

And as I was driving I couldn't help but feel my heart fill with His presence. This gift I've been given in them. To see God as He is meant to be seen. To be children filled with joy and love and seeking the good.

All week these children of mine have been talking about a woman without a home that is always by their school. "The lady in white" is how they refer to her since she is covered in white garments and head piece. They decided one day that they want to build her a home and as we drive to school or the grocery store or wherever is on our list that day, they talk about her house. Where she should live, what should be in the backyard and how big the home needs to be. They want to give her a nice backyard since she "likes being outside" so much. They want to give her a washing machine to wash all of her clothes. They just want to give.

They accept her without even knowing her. They love her as He instructs us to love. They want to help her in any way they can - even if it's just dreaming up a home. What a lesson to be learned from children.


What could this world be if we just acted with those three principles? What message could Christians really send if we acted as He intended us? What if we let Jesus make the plans? What if we really put our trust in Him? There is no doubt that evil exists - it's been here since day 1. But we have the choice to give power to the evil or not. And when we lift up Jesus' name in our minds, hearts and actions then evil simply cannot survive.

Love with hope.
Act with mercy.

Think about what you would want if the roles were reversed. We are so sheltered. We are blind to the immense opportunities we've been given...all because we were born a few thousand miles west. We are all human. God is everywhere - the question is, will you let God be in you?


  1. And all God's people said "amen." I love Tiny Tales - these "little" people are going to change the world! And, I feel so blessed to have a front row seat!

    1. Well, we try to surround ourselves with people that lift us up...we're pretty lucky to have amazing friends and role models! (I'm talking abut YOU!)

  2. You are really a gifted writer my friend. Love this and love your loving heart.