Growing up small...

Landry's school had their annual Fall Family Fun Night and our crew was busting at the seams. It's crazy to think about this table and how it has changed over the years. As we've each had more babies that table seems to have shrunk as those babies grew. This school has really meant so much to our family in what it has provided not just our kiddos, but us. Our best-friends are here and being able to raise your kids with your people is a big ol blessing. 

This event is accompanied by an annual chili cook-off and Mr. Ryan King has become a little "famous" for his entry. He's always placed and won 1st most of those times so there's some pressure for him to take home a ribbon. He didn't disappoint again this year and the kids (all of them) were so excited when his name was called! When I talked to him later that night after the kids had gone to bed he wanted to know who won... 

Ryan: Who beat me?
Me: Ms. Brooke - isn't that fun?
Ryan: The teacher?
Me: Ummm. Yes.
Ryan. A GIRL?!?
Me: Hey... watch it. 
Ryan. Sorry. 

After everyone stuffed their faces it was time to stuff their loot bags with tons of crap we don't need toys and prizes. Each classroom as games set-up for the kids and Landry and Mills like to visit each one...sometimes twice.

Emersyn looks so giant in those rooms now, she also looks like she could use a brush.

The "former students" were managing the tattoo station in one room and I'd say they used enough water for an entire sleeve of tattoos.

Everyone ended up at the cakewalk and each person won their far share of goodies.

Landry guarded that bag like she was an old lady on the subway.

And this image frightened me more than you now. Why does our house need more sweets? It doesn't. Quit bringing them home. I almost let them eat them all in the car.

Nights like this are so fun and sadly we only have one more of these left at the WDS. These events really just remind me of my hometown, and growing up small. Growing up where it was safe to run around and check-in with my parents every now and then. Growing up where everyone knew me and was watching out for each other. Growing up simple. Growing up surrounded by my people. Just thankful that I get to provide that to my kiddos in some small way, too.