All the feels...

Like 1000s of other families in America, we saw Inside Out this summer and fell hard for those 5 feelings. My kids just loved the movie and Emersyn instantly decided that she wanted to "Isgust" for Halloween. And as much as they act like they want to be independent and do things on their own, Radley instantly realized that there were five feelings and that there are "FIVE KINGS!" And a Halloween costume theme was born.

May I present...

ANGER, fear, JoY, Disgust., and sadness

I don't know if I'm embarrassed or proud to admit that we had every item of clothing we needed for these costumes except the masks and Radley's shirt/tie (and that's only because he grew so darn much). So the total for these costumes was under $25! I found these darling masks on Etsy and I can't recommend them enough! I lucked out and got them on super sale from her shop and she totally should have priced them higher. So stinking cute!

We did Halloween a bit different this year and celebrated in Waco. Mom and Dad have never seen the kiddos trick or treat and we wanted to check on how Pops was doing after his surgery. It was a nice change of pace and my kiddos love hanging out with their Waco crew friends. And it was fun for me to run into my friends and all their kiddos. As I looked around I couldn't believe that "all us kids" had so many kids. Crazy cakes.

Landry clearly loved all that candy - ha! The air was a bit crisper than usual but the kids still worked up a sweat with all that running around. 

I could barely keep up with them!

This picture is quite literally a miracle. Cooper Kent never slows down and he actually paused and SMILED for this. Jenni - mark this day down! ;)

(Also, Radley was so worried that I had given Cooper his old pirate costume. After we got home he said, "Mom - am I going to get my pirate pants back from Coop?" He was relieved to find out that Cooper had his own costume and his pants were safe at home.)

Landry just "had" to be held for the second half of walking. But that was okay with this guy - her joy eased some of his fears. ;)

And my sadness turned to happy with these goofballs around. 

"Mom, you are smiling too much. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SAD!"

After a final stop and one last inspection, we headed home.

Where this happened before I could even check the candy for illicit/nasty things. Everyone survived.

Radley thought he should have been in character. I think he should actually dye his hair red. Also - how stinking cute are our kids? I mean, really. So darn cute!

They clearly get it from their mommas. Also - we took the picture on the right about 20 times because Jenni just could not get her pirate face/hook action down. I stayed strong looking sad.

And then it was time to go home and I really was sad. 

So sad that Landry had to drag me home. 


  1. That last picture! Dying laughing over here! You guys are the best!

    1. Haha - it was on the "must have" list for the night. Now it's Landry's favorite game... "I pull you Mommy, cuz you is sad and I is JOY!"