Another season down...

Radley and Emersyn had their last soccer game of the fall last weekend although it felt like the first since we had 3 weeks off because of rain. The weather was bit cooler but they were still ready to play! Daddy made sure to give Emmy some pointers for the season closer. 

And whatever he told her must have paid off...

because she got her FIRST (unassisted) GOAL!!! I just could not contain my excitement for her and the look of pride on her face made everyone melt! We had been cheering for her all season... everyone on the team had gotten at least one goal so far but overtime she went for it one of her teammates would come "help". 

She was so excited about her medal and couldn't wait to tell Ryan and Radley about her goal!

We packed up and walked across the park to watch the last half of Radley's game. And this was the only picture I took. I learned a few things:

1. He just cannot play goalie. Ever. Because oh my mercy the nerves. 
2. I can peel off a shelac manicure in under 7 minutes. 
3. I can then bite every nail off in another 3 minutes.
4. This is only U8 rec ball. I may need sedation when he plays for real. 

His team ended up losing 5-4 in their only loss of the season but he played his heart out scoring 3 of the goals for his team. The other coaches were so impressed with him that they took the time to pull him aside and compliment him. So, Ryan must be doing something totally right. He really is a great player and its an amazing gift to watch your kids excel in something they love. 

It's even more amazing to watch them share it with their Dad. 

This foursome has had quite the run and I just don't know what we're going to do next year when Rad switches over to the club league. I hope Cameron decides to keep going with him!

Gigi and Pops were there to cheer them on and Mom gave me some pointers on how to survive. 

"Just yell a lot. Or go move the car for a distraction."

#wisewords #wisewoman

I think We5Kings have lots of soccer seasons left and I can't wait!

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  1. So much fun! And, I have some pointers about being a goalie mom! ;) phew - it's not for the faint of heart (or the easily offended!) ;) Can we please get Emmy and Hope on the same team next year?!