Tis the season kickoff...

We kicked off the season once again that Lights On! event in Bryan last Friday. Same fun tradition, much smaller group! Ha! It seemed as if everyone had something else to do that night (or in the case of the Bailey's, made plans with OTHER people. WHAT?! ;)) 

So Amber and I braved the evening alone with the kiddos and worked up some serious courage at Papa Perez beforehand. I'm not sure if I've mentioned that I'm doing Whole30 with Cindy this month - but I am. And some days it's easy and some days it's hard. Y'all - Mexican restaurants are hard. But I didn't cheat - I just ate an entire serving of fajita meat by myself. Plus the guacamole. Plus the lettuce that the guacamole comes on because #starving. 

So we ate some yummy food and made our way to the tree where the kids were way more interested in running around making weird noises and playing strange games than actually seeing the tree. 

But we forced pictures.

And then they continued their madness while Amber I threw in an occasional "don't push your brother" and "slow down when you are running towards that giant brick wall with sharp corners" because safety first. 

If you've never been to Lights On! or any First Friday event in Bryan, then you should make plans to go. They have lots of entertainment up and down the street and the shops usually stay open a bit later for you to enjoy. 

The Palace Theater is either showing movies or has performances or both! We took a break to snag some torture cookies and sit for a bit while also making silly faces.

Chocolate chip face.

Radley is seriously outgrowing the "stand in front of this cute sign and take a picture" directions I give. Look how pained he looks. Ha!

We ended with a quick visit to Santa that has me hoping we can skip Santa's Wonderland this year... I'll keep you updated!

Thanks for a fun night, Amber! And let the season begin!

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  1. Love it! And, if you must go to Santa's Wonderful, go on Thursday, December 10th. I hear there is a cute Lil' Wrangler dancing that night! ;)