Tiny Tales Thursday...

Emersyn came home with a folder filled with artwork from school the other day that was demonstrating the progress she is making in writing/spelling. She draws a picture and then writes a story with the picture. This particular story said:

Th Mommy brd wcd the bab e crck. 

And as clear as that sentence is, I asked her to "tell me about your picture". 
(Mom code for what the heck is that!)

Emmy: It's a Mommy bird.
Me: I see that... and what is the Mommy bird doing.
Emmy: Read the sentence. (like, duh)
Me: Read it to me... (see mom code above)
Emmy: The Mommy bird watched the baby eat crack. 
Me and Ryan: uncontrollable laughter
Me: What? Why is she eating crack?? What is crack??
Emmy: Not eat, Mom. EGG. Watched the EGG crack. 

#clearly #justlookatthepicture #kindergartenrocks

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