Queen Bees: Amber

Shelly and I have so loved this link-up. And also, I think Jen Hatmaker would totally approve. I mean she is the ambassador for women making room at the table for other women. She is the champion for us lifting each other up. So basically this series is endorsed by Jen. 

As I was reviewing all of my Queen Bees over the past two (very inconsistent years) my jaw hit the floor. Y'all. How have I NOT talked about this girl. This woman. This amazing FNF  of mine. 

Please allow me to introduce to you Amber

Amber is my long lost work neighbor. My day brightener. My"I am having a bad day so I'm just gonna lay here on this floor while you laugh at me" kind of friend. She has cried with me and for me. She has hugged me and held me up. She listens and laughs. Giggles and gives. Supports and challenges. (Like all good student affairs buddies should do). 

And mostly she loves.

Amber's married to Julian who works full-time and also goes to school full-time. Oh. And he works in retail which means crazy hours, weekends, limited holidays and busy seasons galore. And did I mention he goes to school? Full-time. Out of town. Yeah.

And... they also have two DARLING children, Jillian and Alex. 

(I'll pause while you reflect on their cuteness). 

Who she is.... 

This woman is a force to be reckoned with. I have rarely met someone so confident and polished and at the same time so incredibly fun. We worked side by side for almost a decade and I miss her presence in our office every stinking day. I miss being able to look up and catch her eye and know we are both thinking the same thing. I miss our meetings where we worked/played/worked. I miss our big ideas. I miss our awesome plans. I miss my buddy. 

She is thoughtful and kind. Seriously true story (and maybe some TMI, but deal with it.):

Right after I had Landry I was nervous that the milk hadn't been delivered (if ya know what I mean). I had done this twice before but I'm dramatic and crazy and she loved me anyway. She showed up to my door with a card and some cookies because you clearly can't have milk without cookies. So I ate the whole damn box and what do you know... the milk arrived. 

She is brilliant and determined. I listen to her speak and seriously think to myself, "I sound like an idiot compared to her." She knows her stuff and puts so much of herself into her work. And I love that about her. I love that she learns and leads and impacts so many people through her work. 

She says yes to my crazy. One night I showed up at her house and called her asking what she was doing. She had no idea I was outside and I told her that she was coming with me to Northgate (a series of bars in town) to just have one beer. On a Wednesday. And she did and I would type the rest of the story here, but I can't remember. ;) (I'm lying - I totally remember and it is hands down one of my favorite nights ever ever EVER). 

Basically the only thing wrong with her is that she's a Cowboys fan... 

What she does...

Amber  teaches me so well how to really esteem my husband. She honors her marriage with every ounce of her being - supporting Julian in pursuit of his goals and dreams. She builds him up and believes in his gifts and loves him big. She also has a demanding job balancing work and motherhood with grace. Finding time to do what matters and being okay with letting go of things that don't. 

She is patient as a momma. This gig is hard and tiring y'all and when you are doing night after night of pick-up, dinner, bath and bed alone it can get even harder. I appreciate having a friend that gets it a friend I can call and just say "come over for pancakes" and she does just so we can have an hour with another grown-up. She does it all. She does it with love and conviction. She does it gladly. She knows that this season too shall pass all too quickly. 

She helps others discover their potential every single day. Her students are so incredibly lucky to have Amber as an advocate and resource. Many of them still seek her for guidance and support from years ago which really illustrates how devoted and amazing she is at her work. 

How she does it:

She offers herself grace. Choosing her battles, asking for help and saying no when she needs to. She offers help to others and leans on her circle in return.

She makes time to play.
She plans.
She prays.
She lets go all while holding on to what matters.

Amber - I hope you know just what you mean to me. I hope you understand the example you set for me. I hope you get just how incredibly wonderful you are.

Love you tons, FNF!!!

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  1. She sounds amazing! A friend that is truly there for you no matter what is the rarest friend to say the least. Thanks for another month of meeting Queen Bees.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Michelle! I think it's so comforting to have a friend in the same season of life as you to laugh, cry and maybe drink some wine, too!

  2. Love this....and I would have never known all these things about Amber so I really enjoyed reading. I seriously had the same milk issue with Carly and I remember sitting on my closet floor bawling. We all need a friend who will show up with the cookies!

    1. She's the best! And I ate the heck out of those cookies!