This one is going to be short and sweet because #catchup.

Sometimes I let the girls go out dressed like this. Radley doesn't understand why.

I was leaving the PTO meeting and saw Rad and his friends on the playground. I stopped to wave and embarrass him and totally didn't work...his friends were all "Mrs. King! Mrs. King!! Here's Radley!! Hi!!!"

And he didn't mind one bit. 

Our lovely Landry her first visit to the dentist...

I had a fancy lunch to say "see you soon" to one of my favorite colleagues and friends.

My students rocked their annual major fundraising event.

I said see you later to Brandy and Austyn and again to Lyndon. They wouldn't leave town without letting me hug their necks.

A little me day filled with coffee coffee coffee, Jen Hatmaker and no makeup.

About 400 Texas Aggie freshmen engaged in intentional conversation about their self-identity and leadership journey. Also known as "why I love my job".

A great (and too quick) visit with one of those former freshmen turned lifelong friend.

Syle risk: stripes and plaid. Shelly is totally making me think outside the box watching all her cute posts!

My students  created a project to say thank you to the over 500 custodians on campus that contribute positively to their student experience. That's over 2000 cookies. 

A little family fun time at their school 1K/5K... Rad RAN the entire 5K without stopping and had 10:29 split. #hedoesnotgetthatfromme

Random Saturday night visit with the besties to check on Mills after missing a week of school for a staph infection. Bonus for getting to hang with Pumpkin Patch.

They think outside the box when decorating for Christmas.

An early celebration with this darling turkey AKA Swimming Elephant.

The toys the kids picked to donate for our annual pre-Christmas clean out.

We5Kings of giving thanks...

Let's do this. #blackFridayshopping

I **may**have gone overboard on the Christmas decorations....

I mean - how amazing that she write this well at 3?!

#thatsallherteachers #andEmmy

My favorite Saturday view.

A little GNO fun that included cheap wine, ok movies and lots of laughs!

And my amazing puzzle helpers... but only because I had only about 30 pieces left. :)

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