Smile big...

We had a big day at the King household... this little girl had her very first visit the dentist! She was ALL smiles walking in...

all giggles in that awesome waiting area...

and all NERVES once we actually got into the exam area. Emersyn volunteered to go first to put Landry at ease. She started off a bit back but inched closer and closer to get a better view. 

Meanwhile, this giant was super chill and delighted to be getting those big kid teeth cleaned. 

It was finally her turn and she was smiling again...

but she started getting a little scared. Big sister was right next to her

holding her hand and talking her through the whole process. It was basically the most adorable thing you can imagine ever in the history of sisterhood. 

And just like that, one more milestone is off the list and my babies are turning big kids faster than I am okay with!

Let's just hope we stay with the dentist and don't cross over to the orthodontist anytime soon!! 

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  1. This was the sweetest thing - ever! Love your kiddos! Oh, and we just made the crossover - yikes!