Friday Favorites: InstaKings

Our weeks start on Friday nights - in my head that means you start and end every week fun. We began with an impromptu dinner out with the besties. They managed to save most of their silly for a picture as we were leaving. They must have been practicing for Halloween because they all look like they are roaring. Hanging with this crew is definitely a favorite. 

Saturday morning we loaded the car and headed to Waco. We hadn't seen my parents in almost a month (GASP!) and we wanted to check on Pops, help Gigi hang pics, and trick or treat with my old crew because we've never been there for Halloween. We of course made time for some shopping and I of course HAD to have these amazing yellow sweaters for the girls  (Old Navy) (but in Waco they were hanging in the toddler boy section) and they OF COURSE had to strike a pose in front of the giant mirrors. This entire combination is one of my favorite things about being a momma!

Then it was time to put on our costumes and head out for some treat hunting. I have a feeling that we hit it out of the park this year. (Get it? FEELING. Ha!) 

Seeing them have a blast with their friends, being full of smiles and joy and love, and knowing they got every bit of life out of their day is definitely my favorite.

Ryan and I decided to join Cindy on her Whole30 trek this month so basically we ate all the bread, cheese and sugar we could on the weekend to stock up. Like a bear before hibernation. So, to say I was thrilled that the kiddos were joining the McJanacs in a little reverse trick or treating is an understatement. Serving with friends and having fun is always a favorite!

You know what else is my favorite? My students - especially ones that bring me tomatoes. Especially when I'm not supposed to be eating sugar. I didn't go near that freshly stocked candy jar with my kids leftover loot this entire week. 

And, eating healthy isn't so bad. Scrambled eggs with some steamed kale is amazing. Now, coffee without cream and sugar? Notsomuch a favorite. 

This after-school view will always be my favorite. Music on, coffee brewing, kids thinking - life doesn't really get much better than this.

I got to hang with Radley all day on Wednesday on his field trip to the Sam Houston museum. I learned so much stuff (that I probably learned in 2nd grade and forgot) and had a ton of fun with the most darling 2nd grader around. 

I also didn't cheat on my meal - I almost gave in to the excuse of being on the field trip - but I stayed strong and while I totally miss crunching things like chips, I'm also proud of my discipline. 

And finally, fall is always a favorite. I did write a letter to November this day...

Dear November,
I don't care that you are supposed to reach 80 today. I am dressing for fall. Lock it up.

And that's all my favorites in an instant! 

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  1. So proud of you! Whole 30 is hard but not impossible as long as ya get your mind right! I am going to have to do something drastic to get back on track for sure. You guys were the perfect inside out family!

    1. I think the key for my success is that I'm doing it with Cindy! You should see all of our sad texts about what we are (and are not) eating! Ha! And...this may have been my favorite Halloween of all time.

  2. Love that your week begins and ends on a high note - might have to adopt that philosophy! And, love when we get to spend time with you guys! Loved having you with us on Sunday! Can't wait to get together again soon!

  3. Oh so much fun. I wish I could have a weekend like this soon.

    1. We did have lots of fun! Happy Tuesday!