A family affair...

Remember when I blogged in "real time"? As in, something (or nothing) happened, I uploaded pictures and then gave you a play by play that night. This continued through child #2 right up until the end of pregnancy with child #3. I slowed down but then I caught up during maternity leave.

And then, well, life happened.

Jump to today. It's 10pm on Saturday evening and I just plugged my camera into my computer for the first time since apparently May 6 which is when Radley's school program happened and I realized I hadn't posted about it.

Sorry, dude.

They put on an awesome show that included songs all about families. Big families, small families, families with kids or dogs. Families that look very different but love just the same.

Landry thought that it was awesome and just made herself right at home!

He caught my eye at the end of a song about Moms and I couldn't stop the tears. Just something about a first born kiddo. 

Second graders study the life of Helen Keller, so they also sang a song while using ASL. It was awesome. So moving and made me really want to learn sign language. 

 We had a great morning with our biggest kid - the only thing that could have made it better would have been Daddy. But he was able to watch it later!

Maybe I'll blog more on time... probably not, though! :)