Spiel the Beans with the Queens: Mother's Day


I had the BEST of intentions to introduce this new link-up with y'all last week. But life is funny and basically always makes plans that it didn't clue me in on and that just didn't happen. So instead I'll introduce it to you today....

 Shelly and I had hoped that Queen Bees would become a place for us to connect others, but guess, what...

Haha! That's right - we knew that this was a tough{er} topic to discuss - and if we're honest (which we always are), it was TOUGH for us to come up with posts each month. NOT because we don't have tons of women that we could gush about it - because we do - but it's just not the easiest topic. But our goal still remains and we really want to create a space that welcomes you in like a friend. A place where you can share YOUR fashion tips, favorite recipes, funny stories, moments of hard and days of success. So we went back to the drawing board and are ready to SPIEL all the beans! :) This month we are cutting it up with the best (or worst) Mother's Day gifts we have given or received and I can't wait to read your stories.

I can't believe that this will be my NINTH Mother's Day as a MOMMA! What a gift in itself. I think all of them have been my favorites but the first one was perhaps the sweetest. Ryan and I were driving to Waco to hang out with my momma, Radley was buckled up in the back seat and  Ryan made some excuse to get me to open the glove compartment and inside was waiting a jewelry box and inside that was a single diamond drop pendant. And I haven't taken it off since.

Last year was pretty awesome, too... we've made it a tiny tradition to go to the lake every Mother's Day and they got me super prepped for the day. 

Me. My kids. A kite and my favorite hat. Definitely a Momma's Day to remember. 

I am so lucky to spend this day hugging and loving on my own kiddos - being pampered by my sweet husband and being reminded of His grace in each of them. It took having kids for me to realize just how much I am loved by own mom which is why my favorite Mother's Day was the year that Jenni and I surprised our moms with a trip to the beach. 

We had just finished our first year with real jobs and had saved enough money to book the same vacation that they had taken us on for a decade....

I have a lifetime of memories on the beaches of Port Aransas, flanked by the women that taught me ice cream for breakfast is totally acceptable. Guacamole is an acceptable meal. And men of any age will sit and talk to pretty women on the beach. They taught me to serve those that needed it - they brought an extra bucket to the beach every morning for the trash we could find. They taught me that time with friends was always time well spent. 

So the gift to them was a gift for all of us. Because we kept going again and again and never in a million years when I was that 6th grade girl did I imagine those beautiful, amazing, strong, funny, ice-cream loving women would be standing on that beach holding our children's hands. 

I'd give anything to be back on that beach with them again, I imagine every day is day at the beach for Dee now. Finding sand dollars, saving starfish, and eating ice cream for breakfast. 

Can't wait to hear about your favorite Mother's Day... 

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  1. Love this sweet post! I really love that y'all took your mom's to the beach...the sweetest.

  2. I love that you have made it a tradition to go to the lake for Mother's Day weekend. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day.

    1. You, too! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Our tradition is to take our kids somewhere for the day - normally the zoo. However, I'm hoping this year we just go to the river house and have some sunshine so mama can lay out and the kids can swim! Go girl - diamonds for your first mama's day, wow! xo Amanda

    1. He did good for sure! :) I'm hoping for some sunshine, too... we are all a little happier soaking up rays by any shore!