Friday Favorites: Operation surprise

Surprises are the best! I LOVE them and lately I've been on the giving and receiving end. So this week, I present my FAVORITE latest surprises!

One of my favorite things to do is surprise the girls with new nail polish. So simple to make them smile and a fun way for us to have some girl time. I don't want to break the bank so I don't go all out with the fancy brands. My favorite is this one from Sally Hansen.  My favorite thing about it besides all the fun colors and affordable price? It dries SUPER quick which means the polish has a better chance of just staying on their nails and not my carpet, their clothes, the couch, etc... 

My momma was in town a few weeks ago and is always so so good to me and volunteers to run errands if I need them. I asked her to see if they had any dry shampoo for brunettes at Ulta, and like the amazing mom she is, she bought me TWO. 

Pros: No more gray streaks in my brown hair, the batiste smells great and is available at Target
Cons: None!

I got the small bottle in a swag bag at an event and also love it. Keeps my curls loose and they last for a couple of days, too!

Am I the only one that browses the little girls section at Target (age 4-14) and gets jealous at how CUTE everything is? Well, I fell in love with this darling embroidered dress and well, SURPRISE, it fit!


Ryan sent me a text early last week... 

"Hey, you wanna go see DMB in The Woodlands on Friday?"

Ummm... no surprise that I said YESSSSSS!!! immediately. My sweet parents came in and watched the kiddos and we were off by 5:30 on Friday.

Crash is "our" song - it was the last song played at our wedding and no matter where we are when we hear it, we dance. Or at least get all googl-y eyed. This was our first DMB concert (I know, I know) and they did not disappoint. Such amazing, talented and entertaining musicians. Real musicians. The kind that knows how to play music. 

And he scored us real seats, with backs and arm rests and everything. He's a keeper. 

One of my favorite surprises ever. Such a treat to get out with Ryan and do something that we so enjoy. Brought back so many fun memories of when we met, became friends, fell in-love. Let's go again, babe! 

The only awful part was when it was over. 

A year ago I was happily surprised to meet two of my favorite bloggers in real life. Shelly and Holly connected with me and Cindy at a work event and my heart and life has been changed for the better. The surprise of their friendship has become one of my greatest blessings - These two women bless me with their kindness, generosity, passion and never ending laugher. I have the text messages to prove it. 

We celebrated our friendiversary with dinner, wine and laughter - my favorite combination. 

This may not come as any surprise, but I have been on a binge-watching binge lately - I have successfully watched the following shows in the past couple of months: 

Hart of Dixie
Fuller House
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Jane the Virgin (season 1)

and I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed or proud. 

I've also shoved in some random movies here and there. 

#dontjudge #myhusbandworksoutoftown

All of that to say that I've run out of things to watch so what do I do? Rewatch Gilmore Girls of course which means I have been consuming more coffee than necessary. 

But that's not really new. But you know what is? New that is... 

THIS AMAZING SHIRT THAT MY WONDERFUL, AMAZING, KIND-HEARTED grad assistant gifted me as a going away present... 


Seriously the softest shirt I own. And clearly adorable.  

And, to make it work appropriate, I just threw a fun blazer.

This shirt will definitely be a favorite for a long time and it can be a favorite for you, too - she got it here and while there aren't any listed, I bet you can send the shop owner a message!

Happy Friday, y'all!

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  1. I lov dry shampoo and I love Holly she is one of my favorites- have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Holly is definitely one of my favorites!

  2. LOVED celebrating our Friendaversary!! That was definitely a highlight of my week! Love you guys so much!

    1. Love you tons, friend! Excited to celebrate that day for years to come!

  3. Love all of this! Crash is a great song. That nail polish is great too! And I can't wait for the Gilmore Girls reboot!

    1. Oh my word - I canNOT wait for GG reunion. And I'm a newbie fan so I can't imagine how excited people are that watched it all those years ago. Off to binge watch now...

  4. I love gilmore girls!!! And so nice you met up with other blogging friends!

    1. GG is the best and so are blogging friends! Thanks for visiting!