Friday Favorites: Rad hair, don't care...

It's not a shock that our family has lots of hair. Lots and lots and lots of hair. Last summer was Emersyn's first real hair cut and we chopped 8 inches that she donated to Children with Hair Loss. Before that, had Radley decided he wanted to grow his hair out and Ryan made a bet that Radley couldn't last a year without cutting his hair. The wager? The Millennium Falcon lego set. 

Game on. 

Flash forward to now - it's been a year since that last real hair cut of Rad's (we did insist that he trim it up once or twice just so that it was evened out) and another **MINOR** case of lice and the kid was done. (That and I think he was also finished explaining to people that he was in fact, a boy, and not a girl. Y'all - I don't want to go on a rant here, but it is shocking how much people feel THEY are invested in YOUR kiddo. I mean, it's hair - and it's 2016. Boys can have long hair just like girls can have short hair. CRAZY cakes. CRAZY.)

About 2 months ago he realized that his hair was super long and asked if he could donate it - the minimum for most places is 8 inches and he wasn't quite there in some places, but in the back he was, so I made an appointment and we were ready. And by ready, I mean every single one of us was nervous. 

Emersyn really did not want him to cut his hair. She LOVES it long, but it's just hair and it grows back. Right? 

I decided that our normal choice of Sports Clips needed to be avoided but since my sweet girl works once/week and is booked weeks out and since Radley decided on Tuesday that he wanted it cut that week, I called Ulta. I mean every one that works there LOOKS super cool, right?

Jules came highly recommended and she was so sweet and patient and made sure to ask lots of questions. Radley quickly went from nervous to excited and only requested that he didn't look "weird". 

These girls set up shop like they do every where we go. At one point Emersyn was flipping through magazines as if she was selecting her next style. 

Seriously. so. much. hair. 

Ryan and I were dying laughing at the girls. Poor things, I get a hair cut like once a year. I never get it colored and my hair doing skills are limited to pony tails, top knots, and curls (with a curling iron, I don't even know how to use rollers). Emersyn was FASCINATED with this process. And they were so sweet to her and answered every single question. 

He was finally all ponied up and ready to go... 

and then there was no turning back....

because they hair was falling off... 

and there was a TON!

GAH! My sweet boy!

He kept laughing at the clippers and just couldn't wait to see the end result. 

He wanted it long on top so she just cleaned it up a bit... 

styled him up... 

and then cleaned the edges. Landry looked at him and said, "Oh, Radley - look you so handsome!" Melt my heart. 

He was so excited and I can't recommend Jules highly enough. She even told us to come back this week if he decides he wants it shorter and more of a fade instead of super undercut. She gave him a discount for donating his hair and made it so much fun for him. 

He ultimately decided that he wants to donate to Matter of Trust Clean Wave program. They actually take all lengths of hair ....

"Matter of Trust uses hair, fur, fleece donations in several ways.  Fibers are felted into mats on site or at partner felting sites.  Fibers are stuffed into sheaths such as donated nylon stockings or burlap coffee bean bags to make booms.  Mats, booms, and loose fibers are used in classroom oil spill clean up demos.  Mats are used by has mat teams in oil spills clean up and by public works departments in storm drain cages to keep motor oil drip spills out of waterways.  Booms are best for encircling spills or “sandbagging” a beach to keep sands clean."

We are going to measure all the pony tails tonight and he does want to send the 8 inch ones CWHL. 

Before and after, he is a hero in my book. A sweet kid with a big heart that makes me so proud. 

Oh, and he's pretty rad, too. 

Nobody, cooler in my book!

(I'm going to do a post on the different places that take hair donations, so stay tuned.)
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  1. Those kids have definitely been watching their mom's giving heart no doubt. So proud of Rad.

    1. He was so excited about it - I was actually more hesitant than I thought I would be. Why is hair so hard for me??

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah...but did the kid get the Millennium Falcon? I mean, he more than earned it! Handsome kid earned him some Lego goodness :) But then again, I am an auntie extraordinaire and sneezing warrants a treat!

    1. Haha - he WILL get the Millennium Falcon as soon as he puts the remaining 5 lego sets together that are in boxes in his closet!

  3. So incredibly proud of him! It's not easy cutting off that much hair! "It's just hair" - true, but when you hear that first snip, your stomach does that weird turning and you feel like you might get sick! :) Can't wait to share your post about all the places to donate hair!!!

    1. It was even cuter how worried Emersyn was about the big cut! She was so nervous about it but then she was so proud!