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Mother's Day in Hunstville was a blast!

Y'all. It was as bad as it sounds.  

This was as awesome as it looks. 

#AndIdidnoteventouchthetoast #Whole30Champ #sometimes 

We journal to the kids and it's one of my favorite things that we do. I don't know when we will give them the journals but I'm excited about the stories they will tell. If I could give any one any piece of advice it would be to "write it down" - the happy, the sad, the exciting, the angry... write it down. You will never regret the words you put to paper. Journal to yourself, write letters to your friends, save things for your kids... just write it down. 

Naked man on the Highline = trip highlight. 

Right after gabbing all about this amazing product to new parents!

When your friends know you well... 

She's clearly ready for summer!

Sometimes we are crazy and have all family sleepovers - the kids basically adore it. And I have to admit it's pretty sweet to know they are still excited to hang with Mom and Dad.  

Who doesn't love a good snack and icee while you shop? 

I love it when people stop by for random visits - like, really, truly LOVE! Especially when they bring food, are up for dance parties and help me finish off a bottle of wine!

And that's us in an instant!

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