I'm not even going to pretend that I know when these pictures are from. You would think that I could just get in a simple routine of posting pics each week from my phone. It's not hard. And yet, it really is. 

So here we go - the three cutest kids ever in the history of the world. I know they are mine, but gosh, they are CUTE! This was from Rad's First Communion - so almost a month ago? 

I finally got around to scheduling L's 4 year well-check which can be summed up in these four pics...

Hearing - check
Silly faces - check
Sad post shots face - check
Celebratory ice cream - check

Poor third child. I'm pretty sure all of Rad's appointments were the day after his birthday, one day I realized she turned four almost two months ago and made an appointment. 

We got my parents to see TONY BENNETT for Christmas and the night had FINALLY arrived. I was so stinking excited!!


I teared up when he walked out on to that stage. The entire 2000 seats stood and welcomed him to Aggieland and it was an amazing 1.5 hours. He's EIGHTY NINE and still owning those standard songs that we know and love. So much fun and so glad we could do this for my parents. 

The next night I had to say farewell to this crew as the execs of MSC FISH. What an amazing group of students I had the privilege working with this year. So hard working, so determined, so caring and so much stinking fun!

Emmy and Radley got to spend the night in the library since Gigi was one of the highest bidders at their school festival. They each got to pick a friend to join them and Emersyn clearly chose Macy.

Basically the cutest besties ever. 

Also the nicest principal in the world. Thanks, Mr. Hatfiel, Mrs. Skrivanek and Mrs. Brewer for spending the night [on the floor] with SIXTEEN children on your night off. 

Our school rocks. 

And since the bigs were away, me and L had a little day night that included nails, Chic Fil A and a slumber party. THE BEST!

We signed up for the neighborhood app, Nextdoor and people are always listing crazy things like free trees, plants, used items, etc... But then it happened. JACKPOT. Someone listed a FREE PIANO. 

Y'all. We don't play the piano, but I couldn't let this slip us by so I claimed it up! The owners ended up being parents from Rad's soccer team last year so it was meant to be. Isn't she amazing? Now for someone to give us lessons!

On Saturday evening Ryan went to bed at 6pm. This was still him at 10am the next morning. He was sick... sick, sick, sick. He stayed there until Tuesday. I had lots of coffee. 

These three were bright-eyed and bushy tailed and ready for church, and since things never happen in normal circumstances, I noticed Radley scratching his head. Since the lice breakout of 2014, I have been hyper-aware of head scratching. When we hit the church parking lot I did a quick run-through and saw them...tiny little nits in his hair.


Luckily it was just him and seemed like a mild case - must have been the sleepover at the school. 

I instantly went on lock-down mode and started 1000 loads of laundry and treatment. Can I just tell y'all... when your husband gets the flu the same day your kid brings home lice, make sure to have friends that MEAN IT when they ask, "what can I do?" Holly came to the rescue and printed out tags for our teacher appreciation gifts AND brought wine. And chocolate. AND Calgon. 

#mykidshavesomuchhair #PTLjustonehadbugs

Radley's godmother got him the Action Bible for his First Communion and he read it cover to cover in under two weeks. He has now read the complete bible at least 6 times. And I know it's not the "real" bible, but he just amazes me. He challenges me in the best way to be the best mom. And I am so so so grateful for him. 

This crew. I got the best surprise one Wednesday morning when I received the "Student Learning Award" for the Division of Student Affairs. It recognizes an employee that focuses on students' learning through the process of leadership development. My whole crew (sans a STILL SICK) husband was there for the big reveal. Such a fun morning!

The next day Radley had a school program, so I took a business meeting with Landry and her "people". 


It was the sweetest show - focusing on families with some special songs just for mommas. 

Speaking of Mommas, mine is one of the greatest. 

That's us in an instant... maybe I'll catch up tomorrow!

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  1. So much fun! Asides from the flu and the lice, of course. Free piano?? Awesome!