We dropped Radley off at Carolina Creek on Saturday and he could not have been more excited. Like, push us out the cabin excited. Like, "mom, quit taking pictures" excited. Like when he heard that he could stay for a week he asked if he could stay for TWO excited. 

And that excitement makes me so happy. 

And the fact that he sat there so patiently taking pictures with us... 

and even let his sister sit on his bed without complaining, made me proud. 

His buddy, Davis, joined him once again and I just know that they are going to have the BEST time. 

Landry missed the first goodbye because she drove down with the Munsons and we had Anna - and she wouldn't let us leave without seeing "Wadley". And he got even more points when he stopped playing ball in front of all his new friends to take a picture with his baby sister. 

And then all of us, because, YES... I am that mom that wants a picture with her kid before she leaves him for an entire week. He's a great kid, that one. 

A great, energetic, enthusiastic, happy, kid. Their camp theme this week is "fearless" from 2 Timothy 1:7... For tGod has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and self-control. 

I pray that he always approaches new things without fear but with this same excitement and knowledge that God's spirit is with him always. 


  1. Awesome kid from awesome parents! He's going to have a great week!!!