Show and Tell: Personal Style

I am loving these Show and Tell topics from Andrea, although I have a feeling y'all may be a tad disappointed by what I contribute today because my personal style is pretty vanilla. I also think that it's ironic that I am typing this post from the Hilton NYC FASHION DISTRICT Hotel. HA! Seriously perfect!


If I'm honest (and we have established many, many times, that I am) - I feel like I am truly just now coming into my style. I feel better than I ever did in my early 20s when I was supposed to be feeling all wonderful and skinny and fit. But I felt out of place and like I didn't belong. My late 20s/early 30s had me preggers and I while I LOVE LOVE LOVED being pregnant, I still felt like I wasn't measuring up. To what, I have no idea. 

But now? Well, now I own it. Every bit of my flaws. Every bit of my imperfections. Every bit of me. I think these two tiny chicks **may** have something to do with it. 

They have no lack of confidence whatsoever and I pray that's how they always feel. More than anything I want them to know that beauty is measured way beyond what they wear or how they look but how they make OTHERS feel. And I want my darling son to know that women are measured by more than their looks, too. When we got our family pictures back this summer, I had never felt more beautiful than this photo...

Standing by the man that loves me. All of me. And that's what makes me feel beautiful. 

I think that your personal style should make you feel good, and strong and confident and beautiful and smart. And more than you ever imagined. And I am happy to say that I feel good almost every day... that doesn't mean I'm the most stylish, but I like what I wear and I feel good in my skin. 

So let's take a look... 


Fall means the start of school and what else? FOOTBALL season. That means lots of maroon but I try to mix it up from just maroon t-shirts. This was me in my best "SB" mode. Ice coffee, sunnies, skinnies and wedges. 

Saturdays at Kyle Field are some of my favorites ever. My fall game-day style is skinnies, tunics and sandals. (Well, that's basically my everyday style.)

When the weather finally starts to let some crispness in the air, my go-to is oversized sweaters, skinny jeans/leggings, and booties. 

I think I wore this outfit once a week. 

And then there are the ponchos.  ALL the ponchos. Give me every single one.

And some for the girls. 

This fall I got a bit brave thanks to my girl, Shelly. I would text her a picture every morning if I didn't think it would drive her crazy. She inspired me to be brave in my outfit choices, try something new and most of all, do what makes me feel good. 

This outfit was one of my favorites of the season - and I NEVER ever would have paired them together if it wasn't for her. 

I also paired my most favorite basic black dress from Old Navy with a striped sweater after seeing her do the same.


So it's winter here for like one day. As such, I wore it all that one day. I *MAY* have gone overboard, but well... I think Anthropologie totally would support this layering. 

As the weather gets warmer (you know, the next day) it's long layers, cuffed jeans, booties... 


Spring means skirts... 

three day curls and statement necklaces. 

I've had this skirt since Ryan and I were engaged and I still love it as much as I did the day I bought it. 


Perhaps my favorite season of style... the one that lets me wear yoga pants and tanks every single day.

I wish I made the time to work out all year like I do in the summer. Maybe this is the year that I start a habit that sticks. 

What's your favorite style season?


  1. LOVE this post so much!!! You are always adorable because you OWN it when you walk out the door. I feel the same way honestly...I'm much more confident now in my personal style than I ever was in my 20's. Enjoy your quiet time in NYC!! Wish I was there.

    1. We need to plan a joint NYC trip - if only we didn't have real jobs and could just travel and write. #thedream