And the award goes to...

We are t-minus 1.5 days of school y'all. ONE {point} FIVE and we just couldn't be more excited around here!! The kids' school does a great job wrapping up the year with fun events like the family celebration and kindergarten circus and of course, Awards Day! 

We started the week up at school for Emersyn's Kindergarten Awards. All those sweet kiddos lined the floor of the cafeteria and had the best time watching their darling slide show. They really have this event organized down to an art.

They seat each class tallest to shortest so when they line up for the final group picture, everyone can be seen. That put our girl on the very end. :)

Which made her #1 fan happy because she could see her. 

Three classes got their awards then the kiddos got a break to sing us a song and then the remaining four classes received  their awards. I thought this was genius because it kept those kiddos entertained. 

Emmy's class was finally up and I was so sad, actually. It was the last official item on Mrs. Kammerer's list and I just really don't want her to leave. :(

Each child is recognized in three ways -
Field Day Participation 
Role in the Kindergarten Circus
Tiger Cub Award - this is unique to each child's strengths/talents/gifts/contributions to their class. 

Emersyn received the Charismatic Queen award and we were all so shocked. HA!

I do like how she was down playing it here - after the program when we were showering her with hugs and kisses, I asked her if she was excited about her award.

"Yes, Mommy... I'm the QUEEEEN!"

Lord help us.

See how the height planning paid off? 

Well done, CHE. 

Radley joined us for the awards but was eager to get back to class so he darted off before we could snap a picture. We sure are proud of our girl!

We had another treat going to the 2nd grade awards this afternoon. Ryan couldn't make it because of work, but I was there front and center which worked out perfectly because this kid was literally at my feet. 

He was thrilled.


They kicked off their program with a song lead by Rad's Spanish teacher, Mrs. Araujo. 

Emersyn and her bestie, Macy, were also there to cheer on their big brothers. Or to just laugh and giggle and be the cutest friends in the world.

Radley was a bit nervous because he was going to find out if he made the All A Honor Roll. I was pretty sure he would, but the last couple of weeks of homework had been a bit rough. When it was his turn to get up on that stage he was awarded...

Field Day Participation (y'all - everyone literally participates in this. SMH)
UIL Achievement
Thorough Thinker 

Could not have been more proud of him. Only two kiddos in the DL received All A honor roll for the year - this kid has worked so hard. 

(Note: Honor roll is chosen by first language - he didn't get an A in Spanish every six weeks - but hey, he got higher than I ever would!)

His sweet class - I loved how dressed up those girls got!

And as icing on the cake, Miss Elizabeth was in town and came to watch. Radley was so so so so excited!

He was happy I was there, too. 


And he even let his little sister smile with Mrs. Vega. 

Such an awesome year at this school. Couldn't be more thankful to be here or more proud to be their momma. 


  1. One more school morning! WHOO HOO!!! We made it! Congrats to your fabulous kiddos! Proof of awesome parenting!

    1. I asked the kids if we could skip tomorrow because of the rain! HAHA!

  2. These events are so sweet. I love that they lined up the kids by height! My kids' classes did alphabetical, which was ok for me because my daughter was in the front, but her good friend was behind her and she is much shorter!

    1. They are just the best! Love how they celebrate the kids in such a sweet way!

  3. Of course she was charismatic queen!!! oh my gosh i love it!!

    1. Lawd... she will never let us live this one down! HAHA!