School's out...

I brought cupcakes to Emmy's class on Thursday to celebrate summer birthdays and since I was already up there, we decided that would be a great time to deliver end of year gifts to their teachers. Mrs. Kammerer is moving and we are so sad that she won't be here when Landry starts kindergarten. She was OUR first teacher as parents and we couldn't have asked for a better, kinder, more patient person leading our sweet kiddos through their first year of school. 

Emmy also had a blast with Mrs. Vargas - even if she claims she has no idea what she's been telling her all year. The patience of bi-langual teachers is literally immeasurable. 

I found these adorable printables on Pinterest for the kiddos to fill out... 

(I have no idea what the source is - I didn't pin the original - dang it.)  Holly came to the rescue and found the original! (Download from there for the best quality!)

I just thought that it would be nice for the teachers to read what the kiddos thought about them for a change! The kids picked out these water bottles for their main teachers and we loaded them up with smarties and made an easy tag for a great gift. 

When Radley handed the "Thank You" sheet to Mrs. Vega she couldn't hold back the tears. He wrote that the thing she always says to him is "Never stop believing in yourself" and she just broke down. In that moment, she knew she was getting through to those kids in a hard year, learning two languages and do all the same work - it meant the world to her which meant the world to me. 

Mrs. Araujo has been such a creative source for Radley - she always adds fun activities to their coursework - songs, projects, whatever it is... jam packed full of learning. 

Then Emmy and I went on to deliver the smarties to all of their CAMP teachers, administrators, librarians, you name it ... Emmy adores Nurse Robinson and is always wanting to bring her things that she can give to the sick kiddos. 

And of course we had to thank Mr. Hatfield!

The weather had a mind of it's own that day, so I stuck around to watch Rad's class plays..

His group was doing Hansel and Gretel - he was playing the dad. Academy Award winning stuff. 

And a sweet last pic with Mrs. Vega - we were spoiled having her two years in a row. Sure going to miss her!

We survived the wind and rain and lightening and made it to the OFFICIAL LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!




and a little sass... 

We are ready for SUMMER!


  1. LOVE it! Gift giving is your gift! Can't wait for an extraordinary summer!!!

  2. We love those all about your teacher fill ins! We did that one year and it was a hit.