Tiny Tales Thursday...

We talk about Jesus a lot around here.

And even besides the times when I am CALLING out to HIM begging for His mercy in the form of silencing my darling children so I can think for 5 seconds.

Or asking for forgiveness when I've maybe not even rated as the world's okayest mom.

The other night at dinner our conversation lead to Jesus and God and Landry wanting to know what they looked like, how they dressed, etc...

Emersyn then informed us... "I know someone who will know what Jesus looks like real soon."

I asked her what she meant.

"Well, old people, Mom. I mean, they've been here a really long time."

My daughter, y'all. I was kind of scared to ask how she defined "old".


  1. Hope asked me the other day if they had stores when Jesus was born. When I asked why she wanted to know where the got his clothes. Can you just imagine his baby registry at Mangers, Mats & More?! :)

    1. Haha! She went on to name some specific "old" people but I didn't want people getting worried.