A crafting we will go...

We had a fun night full of some Halloween craft projects - I mean it stayed below 80 all day so we figured we could start to celebrate the season. :)

The first project involved black paint and paper towel holders. 

I know - this is some serious crafting. 

We taped the paper towel holders down to the paper so the kids didn't have to hold them and they would stay in place. 
(Yes, she is painting the newspaper and not the actual paper towel rods, but well, she's two - she's expressing her inner artist. Ha!)

But Radley knows the importance of the big brother role, so he helped her out!

After all the paint dried Ryan cut holes in the tubes. All that is left is to simply place a glow stick inside the tube, place in the bushes and we have monster eyes! We put them inside our umbrella stand to just grab at night and then return in the morning. 

(we did a test run with the glow sticks last night - if you do this you need the "fat" sticks so that it actually shows up)

The next project was inspired by Jenn. She is seriously a non-stop mixture of party planing, crafting, nature walking, healthy eating, SAHMomma goodness. I want to be just like her when I grow up. 

She made some bats and spiders with her kiddos the other day using egg cartons. Well, I happened to have all the needed supplies at our house so away we went. 

The first step is to cut the egg cartons. For bats - use three crates and for spiders just use one.

Don't let her cuteness fool you. She continued to grab the paint end of the brush and then say "Oh no, Mommy/Daddy...wash hands!"

Radley was not satisified with only getting to use the black paint so he decided that the single crates could be monsters and pumpkins, too! Except we didn't have orange paint - to which he then let me know we could make it with red and yellow!

"Take my pitchur, Mommy."

(I have created a monster)

The kids lasted through 1 pumpkin/bat/monster/spider. I painted the rest. 

Tonight we will add the eye balls, spider legs and monster hair - I know...Friday night craziness at the King Castle! 

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