Happy Monthday...

Lillian Landry King

you are

SEVEN months old!!!

What have you been up to lately???

Not too much has changed on the food front. 

Still nurse/take bottles 5 times each day. You eat breakfast and dinner and have puffs or mum mums for an afternoon snack. We have started giving you mixed foods and haven't found one that you don't like. 

You are still in a size 2 diaper and mainly in 6-9 month clothes. (But you can still wear the random 0-3 month in some brands). I have put you in some 12 month stuff just because I want you and Emmy to match. 

You have adjusted to less nap time at school and we have moved your bed time at home up. You catch up on your sleep on the weekends and in the car and have learned to just sleep anywhere. It makes taking you places super easy. 

You are still the world's happiest baby EVER. Just thankful for your disposition and smiley chubster cheeks. Your laugh is infectious. Your bright eyes can light up a room. You are content to play alone for 10 minutes or however long I need to get us settled each night. 

Your teachers ADORE you. They have nicknamed you the "angel baby" and spoil you rotten. And who could blame them? 

You have outgrown your swing - you can still fit, but don't really need it anymore. I wouldn't let your dad put it up this month because it just means that part of our lives are over - no more babies and I can't take it. You have really started interacting with your toys and wanting to play with them. You still love being in your bouncer - especially when we open the windows and you can look outside. You grab anything in sight (including your sister's hair) and just giggle away at how big you are. 

Radley LOVES that you are getting bigger. He loves to make funny faces and noises to get a big laugh out of you. Emmy brings you baby dolls and toys and thinks you are the cutest. She has also finally learned how to **almost** say your name. :)

You love the following:
Being swaddled
Sophie the giraffe
Emmy's bunny
Mum mums
Laughing out loud
My necklace

Big news this month:

You are on the cusp of crawling. Miss Shanon "lost" you last night because you had managed to move under the couch. 

Seriously - stop growing!

Gosh, we ADORE you Lovely Landry!!!

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