Landry's Baptism...

Sunday was a very special day as we officially welcomed Landry into our church home. 

Each of our kids' baptism days has been special and hers was no exception. Ryan and I had to retake the parent preparation class and at first, we were a little reluctant. However - it served a great reminder of just how wonderful this celebration is for not just Landry but our entire family. 

We all went to mass at 11 and held her baptism directly after for just our family and friends. We were able to snap a few pictures before the ceremony. 

Like Radley and Emersyn, Landry's Godparents are special.

Stu was one of my college room mates. He not only put up with me for four years, but he has become like a brother to Ryan. He is seriously one of the greatest guys I know. Hard working, honest, slightly into Aggie sports. He also happened to marry Kelly, a quasi-former student of mine. I never in a million years would have guessed that eight years after meeting her she would be standing over my youngest child as her godmother. Kelly is extremely kind and giving, a great woman of faith and will be a loving example of a Christian woman for Landry.

Gigi and Pops were obviously there...

And so was Uncle Pete!

Father Edwin did a great ceremony. Baptism is a beautiful sacrament in our faith serving as the first step in a lifelong commitment to Christ. 

The ceremony is filled with symbols -
Water - to cleanse and give life. God uses water throughout history to cleanse us and our sinful ways. (In the beginning, the creation of water brought life; The great flood, the Israelites passing through the Red Sea to freedom, and Jesus himself was baptized with water)

White garment - to cover you in Christ's light; to signify purity

Oil of catechumen - this is placed on the child's chest in the sign of the cross to resist evil

Sacred Chrism Oil - this is placed on the child's head in the sign of the cross. This oil is perfumed and calls us to be the "good fragrance of Christ." (Her head literally smells heavenly)

The candle is lit from the Paschal candle that is lit at Easter to symbolize that Christ has risen and burns in each of us. We are encouraged to keep her light burning bright. 

Baptism is also a time when we as a family pledge to guide her in her faith and walk with Christ. This picture makes me so thankful for this life, my family and my friends that are like family.

We all headed back to our house for a late lunch and laughter. I made the executive decision to order food and I am so glad that I did. It gave us that much more time to sit and chat and enjoy the company of friends and family.

As I looked around I was reminded of the people in my life that I pray for, admire, and give thanks for having in my life. Their stories are different but they all play a uniquely special and important role in our lives. I am so so glad that my kids get to be blessed by them, too!

Our baptism classes stressed to us to celebrate this day as we would the kids' birthdays. And that resonated so much with us - this is their birth day into our church. The day that they are welcomed into their life of loving and following Christ. The day that they are born into His word. 

Happy baptism day, Lillian Landry King!

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