Soccer weather...

We all got bundled up for Radley's second soccer game of the season. I actually felt like an {awful} mom because I only stepped into the garage to "check" the weather - ummm... note to self...actually go outside. 

It was 50 degrees!!!! Which is basically freezing in Texas. 

But, she didn't seem to mind.

And neither did this one (especially since Gigi was there to snuggle with).

Ryan said that is perfect soccer weather. Which must be true, because this kid scored a goal within the first minute of the game! 


The HMMs  came to suppor the Radster. He was thrilled to have his "fans" there and you can tell because he gets "shy" and not at all like himself. It's pretty darn cute! 

We definitely had the cutest cheering section!

I know that I just became a "soccer mom", but I love this. I love that he is playing something he enjoys. I love that he is proud when he does well. I love that he cheers for his team mates. I love that he is growing up but still small enough to just go out there and not worry about anything but kicking a ball. 

I remember going to all my brothers little league games and now my girls are doing the same. Pops may like his new role a tiny bit better, too. ;)

We were in charge of the snack this week. Radley was super excited about the Gatorade and peanut butter and crackers. 

Then it was time to go back in and finish up. 
Is it just me or does he look like an absolute giant?

Number five game him a run for his money - but Radley never gave up!

On the car ride home, I asked him to tell me three things that he was proud about after playing...

1. That everyone came to watch him play

2. That he cheered for his team mates

3. That he scored two goals 
(and two on the wrong side, Mommy)

Love this kid!

Please make time stop. 
I can see them in 12 years - 17 years old. Radley walking back from "the big game"; Caroline there to tell him she is proud of him and offering support by carrying his water. Lost in conversation, just being best-friends. 

It was a great game day in Aggieland...

and the perfect way to start a wonderful weekend!!! 

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