Tiny Tales Thursday...

I took Emmy to the doctor last week to get a flu shot and to get her wicked eczema checked out. This had the potential to be a very unpleasant experience. But, suprisingly enough - it went well.

Step on the scale without screaming? Check.
Wait patiently in the room? Check.
Let the nurse take her stats? Check.
Continue waiting? Check.
Dr. H evaluation with no tears? Check.

Then it was time. Our sweet nurse, Angie, walked in.

Me: Emmy - can you tell Miss Angie hello?
Emmy: Hiiii, Angie!
Me: Can you sit on the bed?
Emmy: Yes!
Angie: Look at Mommy ::gives flu vaccine::

Emmy started crying and I quickly scooped her up and told her to be a tough girl.

Emmy: O-o-o-k. I big girl? I got boo boo, Mommy? I need band aid.

And that was it! We then headed to Dairy Queen where all world problems should be solved.

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