A day in the life...

So my friend Kelly (ha!) does a post every 3 months or so about "a day in the life" so she can remember each season. I liked the idea so, folks, prepared to be, well bored out of your mind. 


This day is really the rare weekend that we had nothing to do. So it consisted of about 100 loads of laundry, which is strange because we do laundry every weekend. We are weird, I know. Maybe we actually washed the sheets or something. 

It also consisted of some major closet/dresser clean outs. Luckily GiGi was there so she helped out tons. And Emmy was quite the helper, too. She still loves that cardboard chair - why even buy toys, right??

Such a good little mommy.

I felt so accomplished. Emmy's "after" closet. All fall/winter dresses are ready...now if only the weather would get the memo.

Ryan enjoyed the "no plan" weekend, too... he took Radley to the "man store" (also known as Lowe's) and they came back with these pumpkins all hand selected by Radley for each one of us.

Then it was time for Landry's clothes. They were everywhere. 

This was hard. Really hard. I had to sort through the tiniest of baby clothes. The sizes that I won't get to hold as my own again. I seriously could not commit to putting them all away. 

So I started a bin that we will keep for those extra special items I can't seem to part with. It's amazing how much can fit in a 8 gallon rubber box.

While I was cleaning out the closets the boys were finishing the rails on the treehouse. Radley got tired and decided he wanted to take a nap inside. 

He was OUT - and nothing was going to wake him up!

So that's it - the most boring post in the history of the world. 

And a little view of our lives!

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