A Happy Halloween it was...

Sometime yesterday I realized that I had failed to purchase any Halloween goodies for the kids. Awesome. 

Luckily Target is a good friend of mine and I think I kind of hit the jackpot on the last minute purchases. I got these adorable felt buckets for $1 each, flashlights, donuts and a Halloween classic.

Holiday saved.

(And what do you mean? Why would I buy donuts for the kids and then plan to eat the majority of them myself....)

We like to leave little surprises for the kids on special occasions so they were treated to some ghostly reflections this morning, too! I should have filmed how funny Emmy thought this was. Hysterical! And why do I spend money on toys? Dry erase marker and a mirror. Done.

They were all smiles and ready for the day to begin!
(Today was one of those days that started out chilly-ish and ended up in the mid 80s. I think that's why Emmy had an "accident" - she was hot and wanted to put on her shorts. Ha!)

After school/work we rushed home, got dressed and headed to the Bailey's for their annual Halloween party. All three kids have been at their house for their first Halloween - isn't that fun? Krista loves Halloween and she does a great job making it fun for everyone!

(Don't worry - Emmy wasn't hurt she just barely bumped her head and  "needed" a band aid. We choose our battles around here and that wasn't one I needed to have.)

Star Wars was clearly the costume of choice this year...
(from left to right)

Back row: C3PO (Emersyn), R2-D2 (Annaliese), Anakin (Radley), Padme (Caroline), Storm Trooper (Jackson), Leia (Kayla)
Front row: Chewbacca's girlfriend ;) (Landry), E-wok (Millicent) and Master Yoda (Atticus)

(I just realized they are both in height order. And they are on a major slope in the yard so Kayla isn't really 5 feet tall!)

I never in a million years would have guessed that I would dress one of my children like a wookie - much less one of my DAUGHTERS, but holy cow... how cute is she?!?!?

The weather was perfect and everyone was ready to get started!

Uncle Pete even stopped by to say hello before we went gathering for goodies!

And then the gang was off! And these two. 
I believe I've mentioned before that Anna has paired the RHMs off into buddies - well, she takes that role very seriously and did not leave Emmy's side all night. 

I think I took 100 pictures of them. 
(I promise I won't post all of them!)

We really had such a fun night! 
The big kids are big enough to know what to do and be somewhat on their own.

The babies are sweet and can sit in their seats and entertain themselves with whatever distraction we give them, which means the grown ups had some fun conversations! Wahoo!

We decided not to mess with the wagons this year, and I was a little worried about how Miss Priss would do - but she rocked it. She didn't want to be carried and she was very into going door to door to get some treats. I was actually kind of surprised - but so proud of her!

Landry didn't quite make it to a door, but she did have a fun time playing with her bucket!

And these two did a great job, too! I love watching Radley play with his friends and him and Jackson crack.me.up. They can get a little rough but they are just hilarious to watch!

No Halloween is complete without a "selfie"! We still got it!

And check out these hot mommas!

You would think Jackson and Kayla were years older than Radley and Caroline - nope. 
Kayla is 1 day older than Radley and Jackson is 4 months younger!!
(they are on another slope, but still)

Every now and then Radley would check on Emmy - but get too impatient to wait on her.

She did move a little slower than most of the group, but her legs are maybe half the size of everyone elses and it only gave me an excuse to pick her up and get some squeezes. But she quickly requested to be put back down so she could go get "tweets, Mommy". 

Will and Krista did a much better job than those of us that just wore SW t-shirts. Will made them Jedi costumes - we were all very impressed!

The party was tons of fun and the blessings of a beautiful Texas night made it even better. The memories made watching the kids while just walking and talking with friends are just what I needed.

That and slobbery cuddles from Chewy!

Happy Halloween!!!

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