Freaky Friday to Sporty Saturday...

We had a day on Friday. 

Landry was fighting a fever so Ryan stayed home with her in the morning to take her to the doctor. I leave at lunch on Fridays so it didn't make sense for me to take 4 hours of leave when I'm trying to build up my supply. Doctor H confirmed the our sweet L had a double ear infection (y'all - she cried maybe once. Who is this kid??) and ordered in some antibiotics. 

Ryan then drove up to campus and dropped our Lovely Landry with me to hang for a bit. 

Maybe 5 minutes after he left an emergency message popped up on my computer screen. We have a warning system for the entire university to alert us of any scenario you can imagine. This particular message was informing us that there had been a bomb threat. Everyone needed to leave campus immediately. By foot!!!

Well, I come from a long line of over-reactors but I think I handled myself well. I did have a **tiny** moment - but come on. My SEVEN MONTH old daughter was with me. In a matter of 10 seconds I went through the entire mommy guilt argument of work v SAH. Amber came to my rescue and helped me pull it together. Off went the entire campus of 50K+ in pretty toasty temperatures for a fall day. 

Luckily I called Ryan and he was able to come rescue Cindy, Landry and me very quickly. We spent most of the afternoon at the HMMs before I picked up the big kids. 

It really was scary - and I am so thankful for the community that I call home. 

Luckily, the day got better with a visit from my DARLING cousin, Merritt!

In case you hadn't heard, the Aggies had their first major SEC match up against the LSU Tigers. Well, my entire family happens to be part of that purple and gold tribe so she was in for the game. We had so much fun seeing her and wish our visits were much more frequent!!

Sadly, the Aggies got outscored on Saturday, but... we did have a great showing with soccer! This Tiny Tornado was ready to cheer on her brother (ear infection and all).

Radley's team was a little short on players this week so he got a lot of game time. 

Emmy was still attached to me, making photographing the game interesting!

I did finally switch with Ryan for a bit but this wasn't that much better!

This was the roughest toughest I had seen Rad play. Lots of going after the ball, falling down after hustles and even a slightly trampled head. 

I was so super proud because he never gave up and there were no tears!

His team is starting to play "together" too! They really seem to look at the field and help each other by passing or defending and it was awesome to see!

She wasn't as excited as me - things like lipgloss were more important.

Radley was thrilled that Miss Tori came to watch him, too. I think he tried extra hard for her!

And although my Aggies lost - it was a great day for sports in our house all because of him!


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