The party don't stop...

We hit party number 2 last night! One of the student organizations I advise hosts a campus-wide party for all kids of TAMU faculty, staff and students. It's free to attend and tons of fun! We had about 450 people attend so things were a little crazy!

Ryan works late on Monday nights so it was just me and my cute crew! Landry's costume was a big hit  - are you surprised? I mean, how could you resist this little Chewbacca?

Radley was in heaven - he always is whenever there are "big guys" around. He puts on the charm extra thick and loves all the attention. (The free flowing candy didn't hurt either)

Emmy was really just more concerned that her sticker stayed on her back.
"Where my sticka, Mommy?"

She attempted one game.
And by attempted I mean she stood there. Held the ring. And then looked at my students like they were crazy. 

She did decorate a cookie at some point.

For the most part, she resumed her usual spot right under my feet.

::who am I kidding, I LOVE this Mommy stage::

The more we walked around the more crowded it became. I kept trying to keep up with kids, take pictures, be engaged, chat with students, take work pics, talk to parents, etc... 

At the point that Radley was getting his face painted I just started laughing. 

I was hoping that she would take a long time so that Radley would be content.

I had given Emmy an entire un-opened package of smarties because it would keep her occupied for 5 minutes. 

I shoveled baby food down Landry while trying to keep Chewbacca hair out of her mouth.

And I gave up taking pictures. 

And I prayed a silent prayer for all the mommy's out there that are single all the time. Not just for the two hours that their husbands are at work so that they can provide for their families. 

Then we all went home, ate some candy and fell fast asleep. I woke up to clean dishes, prepped school bags and our weekly bible verse on our chalk board - all done by that sweet husband that couldn't be at the party. That I sometimes forget is at so many more important parts of our days and life.

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