Buttons and balls...

Saturday started off with soccer once again! Radley was ready to play and at least Landry was ready to cheer him on. Emmy was in.a.MOOD. 

I read a post/story on Huffington Post about how Mom's are hardly ever in pictures... check it out. It inspired me to make an effort to be in the pictures with the kiddos, too...

Yes Radley was actually playing a game (and did great) but I could not get over how cute she looked in her red jeggings. Can I rightfully be jealous of a 6 month old's wardrobe?!?

And these boys were doing awesome on the field! 
Josh, Radley and Cameron - becoming fast friends. 

I think Radley has really enjoyed getting to spend time with "the guys". He seems to be surrounded by females so the opportunity to be rough and tough makes him happy!

And this is how I took pics for the majority of the game. Emmy was right next to me and just not feeling it. She would not have won the spirit stick this week. ;)

MaMaw was in town so she got to see Radley play, too...and of course enjoy some time with Landry!

After we luched and napped we headed to the HMMs to celebrate 

I can't believe that she is ONE!

 She was set on getting that candle and almost did - but luckily her momma and daddy's reflexes are quicker!

She didn't quite know what to do with the cake at first, but then she dug in!

He clearly had no problem eating his piece or being a total boy and showing it off.

Cindy throws such a great party and never leaves out any details.
Loved this picture station!

All the kiddos (except baby Wyatt - the 6 week old)!
Radley and Brendon were slightly outnumbered!
(They will probably enjoy those odds later in life)

We had such a fun Saturday from start to finish!
(The Aggies even pulled out a win)!

We love you Millie Claire! 

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