Tiny Tales Thursday...

So we all have those days, right? Those days when you look in the mirror and don't really know who is staring back at you? The lady that is looking at you with a few tiny wrinkles, some wobbly parts that weren't there before and well, more than just a few pounds of extra.

I am 33 years old and still have those 7th grade moments. The mornings that I spend putting on outfit after outfit. I change 15 times only to end up in the first thing I put on to begin with. In my head I know this is silly, but well, it still is. 

So, the other morning when I was having one of those days and Emmy was in the closet "helping" me get dressed she was putting on my shoes and looked up at me with the best smile and with the most wonderful confidence...

"I pitty, Mommy. And you, pitty, too."

What a precious, perfect reminder to be as proud of myself as my daughter is of me. May I continue to learn as much as I hope to teach her. And may we always remember how "pitty" we all are!

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  1. Emmy is right, she is beautiful! And I think you're pretty fabulous, and we've never even met:)

    I think Landry and Meredith would be terrific friends, their favorites list is pretty much identical!