Yes, another soccer post (and Halloween)...

Well, it finally turned to fall in Texas. 

And you can guess what that means....

bring out ALL the winter clothes!!

It was pretty chilly on Saturday for Rad's 9am soccer game (40 degrees!) but he didn't seem to mind. 

Gigi and Landry were LOVING it!

Ashtyn...not so much. She was so cute and kept her hands inside those sleeves the entire time. I felt like the cold weather was a great exercise in NOT using your hands. 

He really wasn't loving the cold hands. We told him to follow Ashtyn's lead...

But then she started having a tea party with Mia on the sidelines.

Landry really did love the cold - she just kept squealing in delight. 
It was pretty precious!

Meanwhile, Emmy was trying to survive the "arctic" temps.

Radley toughest competition this week was Camden, the "star player" from the Sharks. 

I don't know if he would have survived if a girl beat him though...

luckily he inched ahead and scored.

Just in time for the end of the game and ever popular spirit tunnel! 

Which was good, because I don't know if Emmy would have made it much longer.


After lunch and naps we headed to a Halloween party hosted by the Locklear's. Cade is one of Radley's buddies from school and just such a doll!

Clearly these four were beyond excited to be there (well, at least Landry seemed happy).

The trampoline was a big hit
(and yes, Star Wars was a major costume choice this year! Way to be a trend setter, Caro!)

Emmy assumed her regular position that we have come to expect...

"Hold you, hold you!!"

But she eventually warmed up 

and showed Landry the fun of a slide.

Alyssa, Cade's mom,  did such a great job of making every part of the party so fun.

They had "monster mask" relay races, themed food, and just personal touches that make parties like this extra special.

 The kids had a great time and we loved getting to know the parents' of Radley's classmates better. It was the perfect start to a great weekend!!

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